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#METC13 Presentations


Please download my slides and/or PDF copies of slides from or view them on Slideshare. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!



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New Google Custom Search Engines and Handouts

For the upcoming Chicago Tech Forum, this week I developed a handout and a Google Custom Search engine devoted to finding iOS resources. I culled my collections of links related to iPods, iPhones, and iPads to identify the best resources and moving forward, I plan to keep adding to this. The search engine is designed to search most of the web sites listed in the handout, and I'll be adding to this as well. If you're looking for a particular topic related to using these devices in schools, this engine might help you refine your search and higher quality results.

Additionally, I updated my High Techpectations Google Custom Search Engine and created a handout of education starting points. It only searches web sites that I consider to be of high quality.

With both of these search engines feel free either link to their start pages, add them to your iGoogle pages, or embed their codes in your own web sites.

Fun for Kids & Adults: A Google a Day

A Google a Day.

A couple of things to note on the search education front. First and the most fun is Google's new experimental feature called A Google A Day. Test your search skills with a new puzzle each day. This could definitely be used with middle school kids and up to show them that search is a process that involves critical thinking. The answer link not only shows the answer, but describes the path.

Secondly, Google's search guru, Dan Russell has a new search education site where you are looking for educational materials, webinars and classes related to effective searching.

Finally, I stumbled upon this CNET article that describes Google's continued interest in educating people about search, and it sounds like there will be more to come in this area along the lines of A Google A Day.

Thought these resources were worth passing on. Keep on searching!

ITSC - Beyond Search

Download ITSCsearch

My many, many slides for my Beyond Search presentation tomorrow. I swear this is a hand-on session! Download the presentation from Slideshare or the PDF from Scribd and follow along. Links in these documents should be live.

We also will be creating a search scavenger hunt on this Google Doc. Feel free to add your own items for this.



Beyond Search - ITSC Conference
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