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Illinois, Do You Know?

Wonderful to see how the Shift Happens videos have morphed over the years.  Kudos to Scott McLeod and others who have contributed to the various versions.  Also, I'm thinking that we need a version like this in Illinois.  When are our state leaders going to get it? 

For those of my friends who aren't in the field of education, especially those with children,  please take time to watch this. The video touches on many ideas that drive the work that I, along with many others, do. Pass this along to your school leaders, and start asking what your district is doing to evolve in the 21st century. If your child's school is remarkably similar to what you experienced as a student, my guess is that difficult conversations need to happen. 

This is not about competition entirely... for me, this is about preparing our students sufficiently enough so that they participate in civic life and have choices in order to live their lives fully.