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Lucy Gray Presentation Resources for #GEF16

Please consider joining our Global Education Conference Network located at and follow us on Twitter at @GlobalEdCon. Proposals for our upcoming online conference are due November 1, 2016. And don't forget about this grant opportunity: 

I've added my Keynote slides and PDFs of my presentations for the Global Education Forum to a folder in Google Drive: Feel free to download any of these resources. 


#CUEROCKSTAR Global PBL Resources

Hi All -

Anyone, including those not present in my workshops today, are welcome to join my Edmodo group, Project-Based Learning with a Global Focus. Use this link to join and I'll approve your membership:

Make sure to check out the four tabs of global learning resources that I've compiled in this Google sheet. Feel free to add any additional resources that you think are valuable. This is not an exhaustive list; I'll be adding to this frequently.



Lucy's Resources for the MLTI Summer Institute

Looking forward to inspiring Maine educators today! Find all my files here!

Feel free to download the Keynote file or PDFs and explore the plethora of links. Slides and accompanying notes include many resources.

If you are interested in my YouTube workshop, please join our Edmodo group to access the resource

Let's connect on Twitter. My Twitter handle is @elemenous.



Technology for Teaching and Learning Conference #KCDTTL

Welcome, #KCDTTL attendees! Here are resources cited in my talks at Kentucky Country Day's Technology for Teaching and Learning Conference. Please free free to download and browse any of these resources.

  1. Introductions Padlet
  2. Connecting to the World handout on Tackk
  3. Share Global Resources Padlet
  4. Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube on Tackk
  5. Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube Slides and below
  6. Slide decks for both global sessions can be downloaded in PDF or Keynote formats from


Resources for Summer Spark! #usmspark

I'll be at the University School of Milwaukee's Summer Spark conference tomorrow! I'll be leading three sessions on how to get involved with the Global Education Conference, globally infused PBL and leveraging YouTube for instructional purposes. 

I've uploaded my Keynote files and PDFs of these presentations to and you can download them below or by clicking this link.  Also, my Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube can be found here. 

For my global sessions, also check out my Evernote notebook of global resources, my apps list on Appolearning, and materials from a previous workshop. We will also be using this padlet to list projects and resources. Anyone is welcome to contribute to this. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 


Lucy Gray's Workshop Materials for #TCEA15

Tomorrow, I'll be leading two 3 hour workshops with teachers at the TCEA conference in Austin, TX. I've re-tooled two sites to house my materials that you are welcome to browse. 

Going Global Workshops

Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube Workshops


Presentation Materials for #ISACScon

I'm thrilled and honored to speaking at the annual ISACS conference today! Please feel free to download my materials so that you don't have to take copious notes. In my YouTube and global presenations, there are many hyperlinks to resources that are clickable, including some photos. I've included my slides in Apple's Keynote format as well as PDFs. I've also added my slides to Slideshare. If you are working on an iPad, the Keynote and PDF options will probably work best for you.

If you need to follow up with me, please contact me at lucy@lucygrayconsulting, @elemenous on Twitter, or @GlobalEdCon on Twitter.

Our backchannel for questions, resource sharing, and conversation can be found at:



Resources from Chicago Education Festival #edfestchi

Here's the narrated version of my slides. 


And here are my slides devoid of my scripted presentation.... the opening image won't appear. I uploaded another copy and perhaps it will start working properly. 



Download the PDF and Keynote files here:

Support Some Fabulous #SxSWedu Proposals

Julene Reed, Michelle Bourgeois and I are excited to have submitted a proposal to run a workshop at the South by Southwest Edu conference in Austin next March. In order to get selected, the public needs to weigh in by voting for us AND commenting on why this workshop would be an asset to the event. We're planning on leading a hands-on workshop focused on iTunes U as we think more educators and ed tech industry people need to experience the power of this repository. 

Fellow ADEs also have proposals submitted that I'm sure will be great. I've assembled them in a Pinterest board in order to make it easier for people to find our sessions and vote. We would all appreciate your support!

Follow Lucy's board #SxSWedu Proposals Worthy of Your Support on Pinterest.

Two Quick Announcements

Two fun things to share today (and a third is coming sometime this week...)!

First, I'm the new ed tech expert at which means I'm writing periodically for a sub-section of their Education section. I'll be contributing news, reviews, and advice around the best stuff in ed tech as well as profiling ed tech leaders you should know. Very excited to finally get this launched!

Secondly, Julene Reed, Michelle Bougeosis and I have a proposal submitted to the panel picker for the South by Southwest Education conference (SxSWedu). Sessions are chosen in a crowd sourced manner; we need friends and colleagues to vote on our proposal in order for the workshop to be accepted at this really interesting and innovative conference. 

Our workshop proposal focuses on leveraging iTunes U in classrooms and we'd like to introduce people to the wonders of iBooks Author and iTunes Course Manager as well. Here is where you can vote and comment on our proposal... comments can be endorsements of our work or could be suggestions for improving our proposal. Also, if you haven't previously attended this conference, put t on your list of must attend events... it's very different and full of great learning experiences that will particularly challenge the more experienced educator. 



Slideshare Saga Update

Just a quick post to update my previous post about my account disappearing from Slideshare.... 

I heard this via Slideshare's support web site earlier this week:

I am sorry for the inconvenience you have had with SlideShare. We have seen your tweets / support tickets and our team is investigating your case. It is possible your account was caught as a false positive by our spam detection tool. Your account which was deleted is being investigated and I will get back to you once we have some clue on what went wrong here.

I also have heard daily from 2 separate representatives saying that Slideshare is still working on this issue and they are trying to recover my account. At some point, I believe someone mentioned information which led me to believe that they think this happened around April 15, but they don't have records or backups that far back.

I hope progress is being made, and all I can do is wait. The more I think about this, I have come to the realization that this could potentially have an impact on my professional work. A part of my digital footprint is completely erased and I find it troublesome that potential clients (and educators who use my resources) may never be able to access my slides. Again, this is not about backup, it's about the network I developed on SlideShare, the dissapearance of a list of favorited presentations I had compiled, and the loss of metadata accrued around my personal brand. Even if I re-upload the slide decks I have, I can't rebuild that stuff overnight. 

So, I appreciate Slideshare trying to be a bit more responsive, and I am hoping for better news this week! 





Shame on Slideshare and Lessons Learned

MAY 13, 2014 UPDATE: My account has been restored and upgraded. Yay! Thank you, Slideshare, for making the impossible happen!

If you take a look at my blog and particularly at posts under the Conferences category, you'll notice many gaping holes to embedded content.  These holes are where my slides posted in Slideshare and embedded on my blog appeared until recently. Without warning, Slideshare didn't just suspend my account, but deleted the entire account and its contents because I've violated their Terms of Service agreement. From what I understand from their twitter evangelist, this account is now irretrievable.  I have not received any written warning about this nor has anyone from Slideshare responded to my queries about what I did exactly. 

If you're not familiar with Slideshare, it's similar to YouTube... only for slidedecks. You can upload PowerPoint files and PDFs, and Slideshare provides an embed code that you can use to show your slides front facing style in a blog, wiki or similar web site. It's also a social network that allows users to follow other member's posts and to favorite slideshows. 

I've been using Slideshare regularly since at least 2009 under the username elemenous. I've uploaded hundreds of presentations, favorited many others for future reference, and followed others in order to learn from their design and content. I've received numerous emails from them congratulating on my content and lauding the "popularity" of my content. See some of the screenshots I am posting. 

Typically, when I present at a conference, I created slidedecks in Keynote, convert the slides to a PDF and  then upload the file to Slideshare. I then embed this in my blog and give that link to attendees. This way they can follow along with my slides or download my slides for future reference. My content is usually made up of a template that I've used from Keynote or purchased here, photos that I've taken, photos I've purchased from iStockPhoto,  original ideas, and a lot of screenshots of web sites. I use Instantshot mostly to take screenshots of sites that I am demonstrating in my presentations. Using Preview, I sometimes annotate these screenshots to point out particular features. I generally link to the site that I am demo'ing so that attendees can go directly to a site and explore whatever I've mentioned.

One of my last presentations to be uploaded on Slideshare about using YouTube in the classroom. In order to quickly and efficiently go through a lot of material about this great educational resource, I've had to use screenshots to demonstrate my points.  I show what my YouTube channel looks like, how to add a video to a playlist, and how to search YouTube effectively through screenshots among other things. Attendees at conferences need visuals during presentations and afterwards in order to retain and use the information I provide. I could give this information to them in a paper handout, but in order to save trees, all of this is posted online. 

My work as an ed tech advocate focuses on helping teachers become more connected and tech savvy. My main intent is to help and inspire people and part of that is making materials accessible to them. This all doesn't really matter if I'm violating copyright, though. 

That said, here's what happened regarding my account:

1. I lasted posted material on slideshare probably in conjunction with a conference in the Waukegan school district or SxSWedu in February/March. These were standard presentations that I've given before and tweaked for these events. Earlier versions of these presentations were on Slideshare.

2. I did not touch my Slideshare account for about a month. As I was listening to Jackie Gerstein last week during the online Learning Revolution conference, I went to Slideshare to favorite her fabulous slidedeck. Not going to link to it here in case Slideshare wants to delete HER account. I noticed that I had trouble logging in... normally, I'm automatically signed in there. I tried logging in with LinkedIn and Facebook and my stuff wasn't coming up. I didn't have time to figure out what was going on and assumed that I just hadn't linked Slideshare to my FB or LinkedIn accounts.

3. I returned to Slideshare a few days ago to see what was wrong with my account, and realized that when I had tried to log in (see step 2), I had created new accounts. I looked all over and tried logging in with my known user name and password, and realized that I couldn't. My account was completely gone. I looked at my blog and at my LinkedIn profile that had presentations linked there. None of the content was appearing.

4. I submitted a help ticket asking for help and noticed that I had submitted a help ticket for a similar problem 7 months ago. While uploading presentations, I was inexplicably locked out as opposed to my account just being deleted.  I was not given a TOS warning. Upon investigation, Slideshare reinstated my account, so I thought it was a glitch.

5. I then tried to reach out to Slideshare via Twitter. No one from @Slideshare responded. A follower, however, did provide me with the email address of an editor at Slideshare and I held off from contacting her at first.

6. I wait and wait and nearly 48 hours later, I checked the status of my help ticket. My ticket was completely deleted ... there was a message in the help center saying that it was either deleted or resolved.  So no record exists of my two contacts with customer service. I have some screenshots, though. I submitted another ticket using a newly created account. 

7. During this time, I also searched the internet for other users who were reporting problems. I found this post and this post. In the former blog entry, I found the name of a Slideshare evangelist, Guarav Shukla, who did respond to a tweet and said he'd look into it. Later, he said my account was deleted due to TOS and it was not possible to retreive it.  Note that I had not received any notifications from Slideshare nor a response to my first or second help ticket.

8. Meanwhile, I happened to look at my LinkedIn account, and if you don't know this, there is a section where you can see who's looked at your profile. Lo and behold, someone from Slideshare named Christopher Schaff had been checking me out. He's a customer service rep for Slideshare! I decided to connect with him on LinkedIn...and of course, he hasn't responded to that request. :) 

9. I then decide it is time to contact the editor from Slideshare to see if she can help. She responds fairly quickly and says she'll forward my issues on to customer service. Lo and behold, she's also checked out my LinkedIn profile. Note to the less social media savvy: Turn off the ability for people to see that you've looked at their profiles in your LinkedIn privacy settings. 

10. This morning, I heard from the Twitter contact about my TOS violation. No official word followed, other than a LinkedIn communication from Christopher saying that they would refund my account. I'm not sure if I paid for a pro account this year or not...actually.

11. I've since tweeted Guarav asking for further explanation and submitted more comments on my second help ticket asking for clarification. I've also looked through their community guidelines and I can't figure out what I did wrong other than use screenshots of web sites. If they had warned me, I would have taken things down and altered the way I did future presentations. It also states here that if your account has been banned, you are forbidden from creating accounts in the future. How was able to create 2 new accounts inadvertently then when I was trying to log in through FB and LinkedIn at the begining of this saga? 

How ridiculous is the following given this situation? Again from their community guidelines: 

"We trust you to be responsible and respect each other. SlideShare is a large community of people. In order for all of us to live happily on this service together, it implies a certain level of trust. Trust and respect each other!"

"SlideShare does not actively screen content being uploaded because we trust you to self-moderate. But we do have a system where users flag accounts or slideshows for violations/abuse and we will step in when we think it's necessary."

I wish Slideshare would respect me enough to give me an explanation for what happened here so that I can learn from any mistakes I made. 

And from their Help Center:

"We suspend and disable SlideShare accounts that violate our ToS. This includes:

  • Continued prohibited behavior after receiving a warning or multiple warnings from SlideShare
  • Unsolicited contact with others for the purpose of harassment, advertisement, selling, dating, or any other inappropriate conduct
  • Providing false credentials for the purpose of creating an account
  • Impersonation of any individual, entity, or other misrepresentation of identity
  • Posting content that violates our terms

Please review SlideShare's community guidelines to learn more about our policies. If you think your account was disabled by mistake, you can send us a ticket by clicking on the link below. We will gladly review your account and fix it if we made a mistake. "

 So to wrap this up and put this situation to bed.... here is how it stands for me.

  • See related screenshots documenting my experience here. I would be happy to take these down if I received a decent response from Slideshare. 
  • I wish Slideshare had better customer service and had the courtesy to explain any wrong doings to me.
  • If I did anything in violation of anything, I'd be happy to correct it. I would have appreciated the chance to learn from this. 
  • I am cancelling my LinkedIn premium subscription as they apparently own Slideshare. I wish I could live without LinkedIn altogether, but it's requiste in today's work environment.
  • This is not about backing up for me. I have copies of my presenations. I am not pleased that there now gaps in my blog posts and that teachers can no longer benefit from my work. 
  • This is a warning about the future of content and how a company can eliminate your stuff without any due process. I really have no power to rectify this situation, other than to write about it and post to my social media channels. Fortunately, I do have some reach, so hopefully this will influence other educators on how they should protect their materials and help them decide about which companies that they want to do business with.





Social Media and Mobile Learning Workshop at #CoSN14

New Leadership for Mobile Learning Project Director Marie Bjerede and I will be hosting a workshop next at week at the Consortium for School Networking's annual conference. The focus will be on using social media in conjunction with mobile devices and the purpose will be to give school leaders more direct instruction with using social media effectively. It seems that many administrators don't have the time and/or inclination to dive into the world of Web 2.0 tools, and we want to provide an opportunity for such types to play with tools that will potentially enhance their work. 

That said, we are not going to cover every single hot social media channel out there during this three hour workshop. Instead, we'll explore social networks and blogs and then dive into microblogging and social bookmarking. We could go to town by looking at YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., but we will keep things simple and practical for the scope of the workshop. 

All of these tools are almost rendered useless, however, unless one takes time to develop a personal learning network. This means you connect to others who share your professional interests and this increases your chances of learning about best practices, identifying great resources, and building opportunities for collaboration. During this workshop, we'll give advice on how to do this as well as how to develop one's online professional persona. 

Anyone is welcome to peruse our workshop materials (see below) and contribute to our networking survey. We'd love to have school leaders show how they are leveraging social media and connect with workshop participants. Please also follow our conversations on Twitter by searching for the hashtags #CoSN14 and #CoSNLML.  


#METC13 Presentations


Please download my slides and/or PDF copies of slides from or view them on Slideshare. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!



Download ModernizingEducation_METC

Download METC_Search

Download METC_Multimedia_2013

Download METC_Global


The Rockford Files

Here are my presentation files for virtual sessions I'm conducting today for Rockford Christian Schools. The PowerPoint files may not reflect the intended formatting as I originally created these presentations in Apple's Keynote program. 

If you cannot see the files below, try going directly to this folder:


Going Global at Follett's New Leaf in Learning Conference #NLIL12

Materials for today's conference include a copy of my slides that can be accessed via Slideshare or the actual files can be downloaded from Also, additional materials that I've compiled for a workshop in case attendees would like to take a deeper dive.

Enjoy and I hope you all will join us over at the Global Education Collaborative and Conference!

The Cornerstone Schools - Modernizing Education

Here are my slides and web site to accompany the presentation I gave on March 16th at the wonderful Cornerstone Schools in Detroit, Michigan. What an amazing faculty making a difference in the lives of Detroit kids and what a beautiful building! I hope that this presentation provided food for thought as they think about their future. Also, thanks to Chicago Public School's Nicole Zumpano for skyping in chat with the afternoon session attendees!

This presentation was updated and combined with some of my global stuff as it was a lengthy PD session. 

Modernizing Education web site

Modernizing Education
View more presentations from Lucy Gray

Summer Learning Opportunities for Educators

Summer is quickly approaching and it looks like it's going to be a busy one. I'll be presenting at a slew of conferences that may be of High Techpectations readers . Read on for more details!

June 18-20 The Connections Conference at Sidwell Friends, Washington DC

Visit one of the nation's leading independent schools and engage with colleagues during three days of breakout sessions and full day workshops. I'm excited to be presenting at this conference along with colleagues from Educational Collaborators!

June 25 - 27  ISTE 2012, San Diego, CA

Stay tuned about a possible Global Education Conference in person summit! I'll be also conducting a presentation during the conference on Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube and  Podcasting and Mobile Media Learning and Teaching along with Julene Reed and Larry Anderson. 

June 28 - July 1 The Asia Society's Partnership for Global Learning Conference, Brooklyn, NY

The Asia Society has been on the forefront of global learning for many years, and I'm thrilled to be presenting at PGL12  along with my Global Education Conference co-conspirator, Steve Hargadon. Anne Mirtschin, an Australian educator who has been very active in our online conference, will also be traveling to NYC and I can't wait to meet her in person! 

July 10 -12, iSummit, Atlanta, GA

I'm thrilled to be returning to the Coalition for Lighthouse Schools' annual conference. This is a fabulous event for independent and international schools with 1:1 Apple deployments. C0-chaired by my fellow Apple Distinguished Educator and friend, Julene Reed, this conference is a sure hit!

July 21, SDE Midwest Conference on Differentiated Instruction, Chicago, IL

SDE is one of the nation's premier providers of professional development, and I'll be presenting several sessions that be of interest to educators at their Midwest event.

August 2-5, Blackfoot ETC, Missoula, MT

After a two week sojourn with my family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I'll be keynoting this conference for Montana educators. I'll be focusing on mobile learning and can't wait to travel to the West to spread the word about best practices in educational technology.

Hope to connect and learning with many of you at these events! 





Going Global with Apple in the Classroom

I had a ball last night presenting at the Upper Westside Apple Store in Manhattan. It was a bit surreal to walk in the store and see my Bill Frakes photo on a poster (my friends who accompanied me actually tried to see if they'd give me the poster afterwards, but no dice). My focus was on global collaboration and the role of Apple tools in creating your global collaboration toolkit. More will be coming on this topic as I'm part of an ADE group working on an exhibit for iTunes U!

I anticipated the best part of the evening to be demo'ing Facetime and iChat with ADE colleagues around the world. There were concerns about doing these activities over the very busy Apple Store network, so we nixed this plan. However, the work of my colleagues is evident in the presentation; make sure to click on their photos in order to visit their web sites. 

The best part of presenting at the store was the ensuing conversations with audience members who came up to chat afterwards. I met someone who works with accessibility at Apple, a former UN employee who runs a global education foundation, and a slew of other interesting folks. I hope they will keep in touch to continue the global education dialogue. 

Click on underlined text and photos for hyperlinks to additional content. 


Going Global with Apple in the Classroom
View more presentations from Lucy Gray
Download PDF and Keynote slides here:


Professional Development School Institute at Minnesota State

Today I'm in Mankato, Minnesota as part of a leadership institute for selected school leaders. I'm learning so much already from Sam Steiger, head of MNS's adventure education program which is one of the three university units that helps coordinate and facilitate this program.  Adventure education elemenents are built in to this leadership experience and educators within this institute will be participating in outdoor ed short courses later this summer.  Also, as an aside, experiential education is big here and people come for their Master's degree program within the College of Education's Ed Leadership department.

Each participant gets a journal designed by the program facilitators and published in Blurb. It's a small volume that could fit in a purse or back pocket and has template pages to lead institute participants through reflecting on their activities within the program. I especially like how there are inspirational quotes scattered throughout. What a great, thoughtful and creative gift to teachers. I'd rather have a book like this any day than a stack of handouts at a PD session.

Also, worth checking out are the books Zoom and Re-Zoom by Istvan BanyaiSam also just led a great community building activity using a book called Re-Zoom . I think this a great metaphor for leading in a school. How do you go from the macro to the micro and still have everyone on board and working together?

My main point of posting today was to publish my materials for this afternoon, but I excited about what I'm learning just being an observer and had to share.

Below is my stuff.....I've added some new stuff to my going global presentation, by the way. We'll be on Skype this afternoon at about 2 PM (14:00 GMT)  if anyone want to share their global education projects with us. My skype name is elemenous.

Minnesota State - Going Global: Preparing Students for Global Citizenship

Presentations from #D219Tech

Below are my slidedecks from District 219's (Niles North and Niles West High Schools in Skokie, IL) technology conference. These topics have been a staple of my repertoire lately, but every time I present, I tweak the slides just a bit. Most of the things I mention are hyperlinked and will lead you directly to the resources. For instance, in the Google preso, the bullets are linked, but I didn't underline them all for esthetic purposes.

Thanks to Guy Ballard and team for a wonderful day. Great to catch up with fellow Illinois educators and to catch David Warlick's fabulous keynote. He paints a picture of current shifts in learning and as always, I'm impressed with his talent for telling the compelling story. I wish every educator and parent in the country had the opportunity to hear him, so that perhaps we all would be more on the same page.

To those who attended my sessions, thanks for your comments and input. Please stay in touch and join the Global Education Collaborative!

ITSC - Beyond Search

Download ITSCsearch

My many, many slides for my Beyond Search presentation tomorrow. I swear this is a hand-on session! Download the presentation from Slideshare or the PDF from Scribd and follow along. Links in these documents should be live.

We also will be creating a search scavenger hunt on this Google Doc. Feel free to add your own items for this.



Beyond Search - ITSC Conference
View more presentations from Lucy Gray.

ITSC Beyond Search

NECC'S ISTEVision: Podcasting for the Absolute Beginner

One of the best new features of the National Educational Computing Conference this year was the addition of the ISTEvision webcasting channel. Many presentations from this conference have been posted, including Larry Anderson's Podcasting for the Absolute Beginner. I've been fortunate to be a part of this session at NECC for the last four years. We had new additions to this group this year including Anna Adams and Helen Mowers, the famous Texas Tech Chicks. I'm looking forward to following their work; they seem really absorbed in learning as much as they can from everyone around them. Many thanks to Larry Anderson for continuing to support and mentor me; he's one of the finest people I know!

iSummit 2009 - Nashville

I'm in Nashville through Saturday at iSummit, a conference for private and charter school educators at schools with 1 to 1 laptop deployments. I'm really excited to be here as it's my first time visiting Tennessee!

Below are my presos which I've posted in Slideshare. Please feel free to contribute to my Google Maps/Earth teacher meme project and to join our group in Diigo where I will be bookmarking relevant links. Also, consider joining the Google in Education group as well.

View Larger Map

Yesterday's Presentation in Arlington Heights

Oopps need to redo this video. By the way, you can now export Keynote presentations directly to You Tube. When I first tried this,  I think it was too large to do this effectively. I had to take out the Did You Know video in order this to work. So, I  then exported the slides to Quicktime, and then uploaded them to You Tube. Thanks to Julene Reed, Andrew Gardner, Karl Fisch, and the Partnership for 21st Century Learning for content.