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A Plethora of PD Opportunities

After years of attending and presenting at conferences, I'm still seeking a solution for keeping track of upcoming events and other professional development opportunities. Inspired by my innovative friend Karen Blumberg and her PD Google calendar which is somewhat focused on NYC events, I decided to create and maintain one of my own that includes a wide variety of opportunities happening around the world.

I copied some events from Karen's calendar and added others from the sources below. As new events pop up on my horizon, I've been adding them as well. If you would like to suggest an event, submit a professional development opportunity and/or conference deadline using my YouCanBookMe form.

Other sources of information for this calendar include:

    1. EdSurge’s Your Passport to 2016 Edtech Conferences
    2. EdSurge’s Educational Technology Events
    3. Karen Blumberg’s PD Calendar
    4. The Education Calendar
    5. ISTE Affiliate Directory

If you are a Google Calendar user, add this calendar to your other calendars by clicking on the Google Calendar button in the lower  righthand corner of my calendar embedded below. By layering various calendar in your Google Calendar setup, you'll be able to compare your availability to events listed on my PD calendar. Also, you can copy individual events from my calendar to your personal calendar. Click on a single event, and then the option that says "copy to my calendar". 

Link to the calendar below.