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TEDxNYED - Connect Now!

Here are my slides from today's presentation... I've included the notes, which served as a guide for my talk. I didn't read them verbatim or memorize them, and the notes may help to explain my talk a bit better. Also, I neglected to go into detail about one part of presentation. I had planned to describe some of the neat #globaled10 presentations that are now archived on the conference web site, and I completely skipped over this. If you are interested in diving into some recorded sessions of the Global Education Conference, make sure you take a look at some of the screenshots I provided as potential starting points.

Thank you, TEDxNYED organizers and attendees... can't wait to review other sessions and reflect on this day!

TEDxNYED - Connect Now
View more presentations from Lucy Gray

TEDxNYED - Connect Now

Mission Accomplished!

On behalf of my Global Education Conference co-chair, Steve Hargadon of Classroom 2.0, and myself, I want to extend our deep felt thanks to all who participated in last week's online conference. We are particularly grateful for our amazing volunteers, partner organizations, and presenters who gave shared their expertise during the course of the week. Professional generosity really made this unique conference happen!

This free event took place entirely online using the videoconferencing tool, Elluminate. Everything went relatively smoothly with 15,028 unique logins, 8,372 hours of presentations attended, and 32,681 web site visits just this week.  Sessions were recorded and can be viewed at your leisure on the conference web site. 

We are really pleased with the success of our inaugural event and are thinking of how we can best carry the spirit of the conference forward.  Join the official social network of the conference to stay in contact and keep developing the feeling of community that many of us experienced, particularly during the closing session. Please continue to use the Global Education Collaborative to share your work, to point out great resources, and to nurture global friendships! 

If you were able to attend any live sessions, we'd love your feedback, so please take time to reply to this post in the GEC. Leave comments or post a link to your blog if you've already reflected on what you've learned. Please also visit the conference wiki, and consider joining this space to add to our growing collection of global education materials.

Stay tuned for more developments! The conference is only the beginning!

Conference Quick Links

Wiki - search for resources or add your own

Mentor Program - become a mentor or find partners for collaborative projects

Social Network - keep the conversations going

Facebook - become a fan

Flickr - share photos; participate in simple collaborative conference activities

Slideshare - presenters, post your slides here

Twitter - follow conference announcements

Twitter Search - check out what others are saying about the conference

Map - add your location to this Google Map

Networking Directory -find and quickly connect to other conference attendees


Guide for the 2010 Global Education Conference

The big event is drawing near... today's the last day to get in your presentation proposals and the conference starts November 15, 2010. Visit for further details. 

Here's a document I've put together so that people can follow conference happenings. Please pass it along to your colleagues  we hope to see online during the week of November 15 - 19!


Global Ed Con Cheat Sheet

Using Flickr for Community Building at the Global Education Conference

Lucy Gray, originally uploaded by elemenous.

The Global Education Conference Flickr Group

In order to show people how social media can be used to facilitate collaboration, I thought I'd develop a few activities in Flickr to take place in conjunction with the Global Education Conference. This event will take place entirely online using the video conferencing platform called Elluminate during the week of November 15-19. For further details, visit Also, consider joining our social network at http//

I am going to post an activity for each day of the conference, but feel free to jump and post photos to these activities at any time. Also, feel free to list your own idea for an activity in the Flickr group's discussion area. Let's see how we can use this group to get to know each other and to explore the features of Flickr!

Let me know if you have any questions!