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Friday 5: Special Mystery Guest: Online Photo and Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Rae_ucea Our second Friday 5 Special Mystery Guest is the incomparable Dr. Rae Niles, Director of Curriculum and Technology in the Sedgwick, Kansas and fellow Apple Distinguished Educator.  Her list on online photo resources refers to many sites of which I was previously unaware, and I am grateful for that she has chosen to share her wealth of knowledge with Friday 5 readers!

Sorry for the delay with this week's list; I was off in NY last week at the second Google Teacher Academy, and I'll have more to share about this event in a future Friday 5.

Take care,

Lucy Gray


Online Photo and Digital Scrapbooking Resources

1.  For creating my own books using my own photos, I am the first to admit that I love iPhoto. However; as of late, I am sold on using Photoworks   or producing high quality hard cover bound books!  Many times, coupons can be found for free shipping or a 5-15% off an order.  Normally, I search Deal Mac for links to Photoworks coupons.  Photoworks not only lets you upload your photos for printing, but also allows for the creation of some really cool present ideas for those "hard to buy for" relatives!

2.  Digital Freebies offers a very colorful website chockful of digital scrapbooking resources. In particular, I like the "Friday Freebie"  and the online weekly newsletter.  Not only does this site offer great ideas and examples of cool layouts for photos, it also has a forum for folks with questions about digital scrapbooking.

3.  Linda Sattgast not only offers a great website for those interested in digital scrapbooking, but also a great weekly ezine that includes a link to a "how-to" video on using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. I am not a digital scrapbooker, but I LOVE the weekly tutorials. To receive the tutorials, you need to sign up for the ezine.

4.  Snapfish  is another site similar to Photoworks that offers users an opportunity to upload photos and create items using the photos. One of our teachers at school has a latte mug/cup she made with photos of her children on it. It looks nice every morning on her desk with coffee in it.

5.  Winkflash is similar to Photoworks and Snapfish, too. I like some of the items available through the site that can be created from your own photos. 


Dr. Rae Niles  is currently the Director of Curriculum and Technology for Sedgwick Public Schools in Sedgwick, Kansas.  Students at Sedgwick High School are in the fifth year of a one-to-one laptop computer initiative where every 10th, 11th, and 12th grade student has their own wireless Apple iBook.  She is an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and serves on the national ADE advisory board. Rae was recognized as a published author on the Apple Learning Interchange in 2003 and named one of six National Technology Leaders in 2005 by the Technology and Learning Magazine.

Rae has worked with the Kansas State Department of Education on a five-year leadership project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help private, public, and parochial principals and superintendents across the state begin the educational change process in an effort to move Kansas education into the Digital Age. Most recently Rae has worked with McNeil Lehrer Productions in Washington, D.C. to help create digital content for students and also with Follett Education in Chicago.  She has also been invited as a panelist for the Learning First Alliance Summit this spring in Washington, DC this spring. Rae has been a keynote speaker and presenter for several state, national, and international conferences, including the CUE strand of MacWorld 2006.

Success Secret #5: Don't Be a Networking Jerk -

Link: Success Secret #5: Don't Be a Networking Jerk - .

Disclaimer: As a teacher and not a business world participant, I haven't really given much thought to networking. I have developed a network of education friends and such, but it's happened naturally because I enjoy these people and their ideas, not because I'm collecting a laundry list of names. So, maybe not much of this article is applicable to teachers.... but I do really like the last line because it reflects my personal philosophy and I do need to remind myself of this sometimes:

"Don't be a networking jerk. Don't keep score. If your interactions are ruled by generosity, your rewards will follow suit."

Social Software and Your Career - Tech & IT Job Resources from

Link: Social Software and Your Career - Tech & IT Job Resources from

This book mentioned in this interview sounds interesting. I saw a link to the interview in an enewsletter I received from The implications of social software are great not just for people in business, but for people in education.

I've gradually become interested in business concepts because of social software. I do not think education and business need to be mutually exclusive entitites. Many people will say that schools have no business being run like a business, and for the most part, I agree. However, there are several things that I think we in the education world could learn from the business world. I think educators could stand to reevaluate standards of excellence, accountability practrices, and professional development goals by looking at what corporations do. More entrenched bureacracies is not what we need in education... we need to be looking to businesses for ideas on how to encourage leadership, effective management and creativity.