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Attention K12 Educators and Students! Share Your Favorite iOS and Android Apps!

In preparation for a future column, I'm looking to get as many responses as possible from teachers AND students to the following survey on favorite apps. Lots of iOS users have contributed their favorites so far, and I'd really love to get some some great Android app recommendations as well. 

Thanks in advance for your time!


Appealing Apps for Educators: Celebrating Connected Educator Month #CE12

This is the first posting of a new column I'm penning at Appolicious

Connected Educator Month has been a month-long social media extravaganza, targeting not only U.S. educators, but teachers and administrators around the world as well. During August, educators have had the opportunity to participate in Twitter chats, webinars and Google Hangouts while collectively exploring this brave new world for teaching and learning.

The idea is that together we can improve teaching and learning for our students via virtual connections and professional development events. Karen Cator, the Director of the Office of Educational Technology for the U.S. Department of Education, often defines “highly connected teachers” as those connected to data, resources, and to each other. Effective educators are empowered educators, and social media plays a significant role in this process. For more information about Connected Educator Month, make sure to check out the Twitter stream conversations and edublogger Stephanie Sandifer’s great posts on connected learning.

 Now that attention has been brought to the power of social media used for professional purposes in education, here are a few apps that will help teachers and administrators stay connected throughout the school year. Most of these apps are from web-based services which you probably will want to manage mostly on the web. However, you can leverage the power of mobility by also using these apps on your mobile device of choice. 

Top apps on my list are:

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