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Apple of My Eye #5

Here's another in an occasional list of web sites and blog postings that have caught my eye recently. I browse feeds in NetNewsWire daily, flag items of interest, and when I have time, I go back and read things more carefully.

1) Day at the 'Googleplex': Google Teachers Academy
I am green with envy.  I wish I lived in NYC, the site of the next Google Teacher's Academy!

2) 'Yours Truly,' the E-Variations - New York Times
Email closings say it all... don't let the bedbugs bite!

3) Guide for Educators
Via Tim Lauer's blog. Maybe I should write a furl version... I am a furl girl at heart. Still not sure why people prefer over Furl.

4) 10 OS X Apps You Might Not Know About But Should at the Apple Blog
The only one of these I've used and recommend is Paparazzi! which is defintely very handy.

5) Webliography: Photo Books
Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn has compiled a nice list of photo book companies. I made books highlighting the past year for each of my kids and they were a big hit for Christmas, even though they were fairly pricey as I did hard cover ones using iPhoto. I also enjoy Eric's Land of Linkin' posts.

6) DEN Disaster - Article Clearly States the Corporate Agenda - Speaking of History blog
There have been a slew of teacher programs at various corporations and I am guessing they are modeled after the ADE program. Discovery was on to something it seems when it started building its Discovery Educator Network, and teachers really responded to it. The powers that be just undid months worth of positive marketing by partially dismantling the program. Without knowing a great deal about this, it seems a bonehead move on their part and it's shame that this stumbling block was put up because clearly teachers want to be part of such communities.

7) Put On Your Party Hat - SUNLINK Announcements Blog
This is from one of my new favorite blogs. Looks like fun!

Okay, my laptop battery is about to die... enough for now.

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