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Slideshare Saga Update

Just a quick post to update my previous post about my account disappearing from Slideshare.... 

I heard this via Slideshare's support web site earlier this week:

I am sorry for the inconvenience you have had with SlideShare. We have seen your tweets / support tickets and our team is investigating your case. It is possible your account was caught as a false positive by our spam detection tool. Your account which was deleted is being investigated and I will get back to you once we have some clue on what went wrong here.

I also have heard daily from 2 separate representatives saying that Slideshare is still working on this issue and they are trying to recover my account. At some point, I believe someone mentioned information which led me to believe that they think this happened around April 15, but they don't have records or backups that far back.

I hope progress is being made, and all I can do is wait. The more I think about this, I have come to the realization that this could potentially have an impact on my professional work. A part of my digital footprint is completely erased and I find it troublesome that potential clients (and educators who use my resources) may never be able to access my slides. Again, this is not about backup, it's about the network I developed on SlideShare, the dissapearance of a list of favorited presentations I had compiled, and the loss of metadata accrued around my personal brand. Even if I re-upload the slide decks I have, I can't rebuild that stuff overnight. 

So, I appreciate Slideshare trying to be a bit more responsive, and I am hoping for better news this week!