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Revisiting as a Curation Tool is a curation tool that allows one to automatically publish a digital newspaper on a daily or weekly basis. Essentially, it pulls from news sources that you choose and arranges the content in different categories.  Followers can subscribe to your paper and you can also set up a notification to be sent out over Twitter when a new edition is available.  I've had one for the Global Education Collaborative for awhile, and since we've changed the name of the GEC to the Global Education Conference network, I decided recently to update this resource. 

I found that I can add up to 25 traditional news sources, Twitter hashtags, or Twitter list feeds to my editions. For instance, I've add the twitter stream generated by my list of global education people and a search of tweets using the Twitter hashtag #globaled12. Thus, I'm able to pull from a variety of sources and control the content to some extent. What I really like about is that I'm provided with a daily resource that I'm able to scan pretty quickly and keep updated on what others are doing in my professional learning network. I find this tremendously useful. And,  once I have set up these papers, I don't have to do much maintenance.

Keep in mind that you can subcribe to these and many other generated digital newspapers in the community. also has a bookmarklet tool that lets you add news sources as you surf the internet, and it also provides widgets to embed on your blog or web site.  Widgets are also available from the three newspapers I currently publish. One is devoted to global education, another to mobile learning and a third focuses on my favorite general education resources and thought leaders. However, I can't seem to get these widgets to work here in my Typepad blog! 

I was extolling on the virtues of to a GEC member tonight, and he had the idea of feeding in all of his student blogs into so that he could publish a newspaper of their recent blog magically.  Brilliant idea, and I'm guessing educators could find many uses for adding this tool to their work flow.