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Going Global with Apple in the Classroom

I had a ball last night presenting at the Upper Westside Apple Store in Manhattan. It was a bit surreal to walk in the store and see my Bill Frakes photo on a poster (my friends who accompanied me actually tried to see if they'd give me the poster afterwards, but no dice). My focus was on global collaboration and the role of Apple tools in creating your global collaboration toolkit. More will be coming on this topic as I'm part of an ADE group working on an exhibit for iTunes U!

I anticipated the best part of the evening to be demo'ing Facetime and iChat with ADE colleagues around the world. There were concerns about doing these activities over the very busy Apple Store network, so we nixed this plan. However, the work of my colleagues is evident in the presentation; make sure to click on their photos in order to visit their web sites. 

The best part of presenting at the store was the ensuing conversations with audience members who came up to chat afterwards. I met someone who works with accessibility at Apple, a former UN employee who runs a global education foundation, and a slew of other interesting folks. I hope they will keep in touch to continue the global education dialogue. 

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Going Global with Apple in the Classroom
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