Apple of My Eye: Resources Catching My Attention (weekly)
Apple of My Eye: Resources Catching My Attention (weekly)

Professional Development School Institute at Minnesota State

Today I'm in Mankato, Minnesota as part of a leadership institute for selected school leaders. I'm learning so much already from Sam Steiger, head of MNS's adventure education program which is one of the three university units that helps coordinate and facilitate this program.  Adventure education elemenents are built in to this leadership experience and educators within this institute will be participating in outdoor ed short courses later this summer.  Also, as an aside, experiential education is big here and people come for their Master's degree program within the College of Education's Ed Leadership department.

Each participant gets a journal designed by the program facilitators and published in Blurb. It's a small volume that could fit in a purse or back pocket and has template pages to lead institute participants through reflecting on their activities within the program. I especially like how there are inspirational quotes scattered throughout. What a great, thoughtful and creative gift to teachers. I'd rather have a book like this any day than a stack of handouts at a PD session.

Also, worth checking out are the books Zoom and Re-Zoom by Istvan BanyaiSam also just led a great community building activity using a book called Re-Zoom . I think this a great metaphor for leading in a school. How do you go from the macro to the micro and still have everyone on board and working together?

My main point of posting today was to publish my materials for this afternoon, but I excited about what I'm learning just being an observer and had to share.

Below is my stuff.....I've added some new stuff to my going global presentation, by the way. We'll be on Skype this afternoon at about 2 PM (14:00 GMT)  if anyone want to share their global education projects with us. My skype name is elemenous.

Minnesota State - Going Global: Preparing Students for Global Citizenship