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Best iPhone Apps: Lucy's Picks - ISTE 2010 by elemenous | Appolicious ™ iPhone App Directory

Best iPhone Apps: Lucy's Picks - ISTE 2010 by elemenous | Appolicious ™ iPhone App Directory.
I created a top 10 list of some of my favorite apps right now. Most of these have been tested on my own children, but a few in this list are interesting to me because of their potential in education. 

Have fun exploring this list as well as my library of apps in Appolicious, a great social network built around the apps phenomenon.

Map Pages in iPhoto Books

I'm helping out with an Apple event for principals this week, and I'm learning some new tricks and tips in the process. 

 My favorite is adding map pages to iPhoto books. Here's how to do it:

  1. Create an album of photos in iPhoto.
  2. Click on the keepsake button to create a photo book.
  3. Go to one of your pages within the book, and click on the Layout button to change the page layout. Select Map Page. In the attached screenshot, I selected layout 2.
  4. In my case, my photos are geotagged because my camera detects locations of where I shoot pictures, and adds that metadata to each photo. When I created this map page, iPhoto automatcialy knew these locations and added them to the map. You can add locations manually, too, in the small gray box that pops up when you click on your map page.
  5. In this gray box, make sure to click on Show Lines if you want your route to show up on your map.

Ishot-362  Another cool trick I learned is with Speech to Text that's built into the Mac operating system. I already that you could highlight text on a web page (try this with Wikipedia for instance) and then go to the Services menu under your application menu to have the selected text read aloud (In my case, this is under the word Safari in my browser). This featured has been enhanced in Snow Leopard and now you can send the audio file to iTunes where you can put this on an iPod or create a folder of audio files for students to use. Very cool!

Blog Tweaks

Ishot-323  I'm currently coming up with an official web site to support my new consultancy, and in the process, I'm also updating my blog. I've applied a new design, adding navigation links to current projects, and simplified some of the sidebar content as that area needs weeding from time to time. I've also linked to a new social media aggregator tool that I've found intriguing called I love the design elements here, but every time I load my page, I get the spinning beach ball of browser death and have to force quit. If you can, check out my page.

Anyway, my plan is to start blogging on a regular basis in addition to publishing found resources each week. Let's hope I get my writing mojo back! 

Apple of My Eye: Resources Catching My Attention (weekly)

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