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Robomance: An iStopmotion Production

Fellow ADE Dan Schmit and I attended a stop motion workshop at Macworld sponsored by Boinx software, the creators of iStopMotion. The workshop was held at the Zeum, a very cool digital technology space for kids. For pictures of how the Zeum sets up its space for visiting school groups to do stop motion animation, check out my Flickr photos.

Here's our first attempt at this type of animation. We used previously created figures from the Zeum.

Professional Development Community Ning

Link: Professional Development Community Ning.

Last fall, I started a ning group for people within my organization. It's a pretty new tool to many of my colleagues, and I'm guessing that the potential power of an online community hasn't been made obvious to them yet. I decided to open this up to anyone because I think Nings are really successful when membership is large; it tends to drive the activity as you can see from Steve Hargadon's Classroom 2.0 group. He's recruited over 5000 members in less than year!

So... please come join us as we explore professional development issues. This ning is not intended to be a solely ed tech oriented group, but I am guessing that a great deal of conversation will focus on that. While I'd love to have more urban and/or charter school members, too, this group is open to anyone because we all can learn from each other. We all still have the same end goals, I think l: to provide the best possible education for our students and to explore education innovation regardless of circumstances.

Spread the word!

Edublogging @ Macworld: Question for My Personal Learning Network: How has blogging impacted your professional development?

Link: Edublogging @ Macworld: Question for My Personal Learning Network: How has blogging impacted your professional development?.

I'd love it if readers who blog could take a few minutes to respond to a few questions over at my Macworld Educator Academy blog. The objective is to give newbie bloggers some insight on the potential power of blogging.

Thanks in advance!

Friday 5: Pageflakes

I've been wrestling with a quick and easy way to direct students to relevant web sites. Our new web site management system is great, but a little clunky for quickly adding links. We have a wiki that will serve as a repository for curricular resources, but again, it takes time to add links to this. I also have envisioned one page of links for kids to reference, so that little ones in particular do not have to do a lot of web browser navigating.

So, the other day after speaking with technoguru principal, Tim Lauer, about how he keeps web sites up to date on his school's machines, I decided to try Pageflakes (

Here is a tutorial wiki on Pageflakes that explains everything you
need to know:

Techwithme: PageFlakes for Education

And, here are the ones I created for teachers at NKO focused on
currently taught math topics:

NKO Pageflakes Home

PreK-1 Cluster

2-3 Cluster

4-5 Cluster

Research and Resources

Fun For Kids

Teacher Sites

These pages are works in progress, so stay tuned!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year,

Lucy Gray

P.S. - Remember you can subscribe to the Friday 5 via email at!

Coming Soon....Macworld Educator Academy


I'm getting pumped to present two workshops at Macworld Expo in a couple of weeks. Sponsored by IDG and CUE, the Macworld Educator Academy promises to be a great mini-conference within the Expo. The academy itself is held over two days and features speakers John Couch, Carol Anne Maguire, and Marco Torres. Hands-on workshops related to best practices in educational technology will take place the entire week, too. I'll be posting links to materials related to my blog and wiki workshops here when I feel they are ready for prime time, and in the meantime, feel free to follow the action at the Twitter account I'm using for the Expo: mwedubloggers. This is my first Macworld experience and I'm thrilled to be a part of the action!

Interesting Twitter Discussion on blogTV

I've started branching out in Twitter to add people/organizations to my network that are not directly education related. I subscribe to Santa Claus (yes, I still believe), Mashable, Barack Obama, and a bunch of others. I find these additions by browsing the networks of others and from various things I read about Twitter. Anyway, another such find is Jonny Goldstein whom I think I actually came in contact with a few years ago when I was researching video blogging for a Friday 5 list. It's a small blogosphere. Anyway, Jonny hosts a talk show on blogTV (similiar to Ustream) and I took a look at one of his shows recently. There are a few other parts to this which I did not get through, but this episode does a good job of demonstrating the power of Twitter. Jonny's interviewee is Laura Fitton of Pistachio Consulting, and I really identified with the attributes of Web 2.0 apps that drew her to Twitter specifically, being somewhat housebound as the mother of two young children. That very same reason drew me to the internet when my now 9 year old  was teeny tiny. This sort of stuff has helped me to work more efficiently and more powerfully because I am connected to people across the globe!