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Social Entrepreneurship

I've been traveling like a madwoman to various conferences and speaking engagements. I could write a book on what I am learning, but for the sake of brevity, I'd like to post on the idea of social entrepreneurship. The keynote of the NCTI conference last Wednesday was Jim Fruchterman, a literal rocket scientist, who's decided to do good in Silicon by founding a company called Benetech. He clearly was a brilliant fellow and I was impressed with his Bookshare initiative, which digitizes books for the learning, hearing, and visually impaired. His efforts extend to helping human rights causes via technology, too.  I think his organization is well worth following.

Secondly, on the plane ride home, I met a young woman who works for TOMS, a company that makes cute espadrille-type shoes to benefit shoeless people in other areas of the world. The head of her company is now in South Africa, doing a shoe drop for people in need. Krissy also told me about two other organizations that she's involved with in which they sell merchandise to raise money: Invisible Children and To Write Love on Her Arms. Combined with the purchase of a laptop for my daughter via OLPC, thinking about the sense of energy and hope these groups bring to the global table makes me hopeful for our planet! I'm glad idealism still exists. Anyone know of similar groups that they want to share?

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New Class(room) War: Teacher vs. Technology - New York Times  Annotated

  • Here's the original NYT article referred to in the Fast Company blog post. All I can say is that any level of teacher needs to learn how to set expectations and boundaries for students. If you don't like cell phones in your class, ask your students to turn them off! Set some rules and policies, people! - post by elemenous

Fast Company Blog Post on Education & Technology

Education: Technology -- Academic Godsend or Demon?  Annotated


"At age 55, Professor Nazemi stands on the far shore of a new sort of generational divide between teacher and student. This one separates those who want to use technology to grow smarter from those who want to use it to get dumber."

  • I follow Fast Company's Twitter feed, and tonight I followed a link to a blog post entitled Education: Technology -- Academic Godsend or Demon which gives a good, brief description of the dilemma faced by most ed tech professionals: What makes the use of technology compelling? Why engage in something that can be done just as well in a low tech way? I think I'll refer to this post in my preso next weekend in Palm Springs. I particularly like this quote, "At age 55, Professor Nazemi stands on the far shore of a new sort of
        generational divide between teacher and student. This one separates
        those who want to use technology to grow smarter from those who want to
        use it to get dumber."
        Incidentally, I highlighted this quote and wrote annotations to myself using Diigo. I am now posting these annotations directly to my blog! I think I am going to like this tool.
        - post by elemenous

Friday 5: Native Americans

1) Library of Congress Main Reading: An Annotated Reading List of Websites: Indians of North America: Tribes and Nations

Also, from LOC, Immigration: Destroying the Native American Cultures

2) Native Americans - Internet Resources

3) Carnegie Museum of Natural American Indians and the Natural World

4) Native Wiki

5) Mr. Donn's Native Americans/First People Lessons & Activities

6) Native American: National Geographic World Music

7) Read Write Think: November is National American American Heritage Month

8) Scholastic Explorers: Native American Cultures

9) NMAH: Our Story in History: Pueblo Pots

10) The Big Myth

Busy, Busy Weeks Ahead for the Grays

Things are getting hectic and a bit exciting around here for us. On Halloween, my five year old lost his first tooth as he bit into an apple. He was quite surprised as he had no idea he had a loose tooth; now he resembles a gap-toothed jack o'lantern. Then, a former colleague advertised a stray cat she found and we decided to adopt "Smokey". On top of this usual day to day stuff, I'm off to three events this month, the first being a meeting  tomorrow at WestEd In San Francisco with the Knowledgeworks Foundation and then back-to-back meetings in D.C and Palm Springs for the National Center for Technology Innovation and an NEA executive director event which will focus on Knowledgeworks' fabulous education map. AT NCTI, I'll be on a panel discussing the digitizing of materials for special needs people, and in Palm Springs, my preso will focus on the digital divide and social networks. Let's hope I don't encounter are airport delays on all these trips!

Anyway, here's a little something we put together for Henry's teacher last night to talk about our busy weekend. I found it was a good way to get my son to focus on what he is saying!